Hello! I'm Deanna

I'm a web developer and project manager with a holistic approach to web production. I'm a strategic partner in building and revitalizing websites, structuring online environments and work flows, and strengthening online presence. I utilize my diverse background in web and online business development to work closely with my clients and offer a full suite of services.

An impactful online presence is a symbiotic system.

You need a holistic approach to fuse business objectives (conversions), creative branding (design) and communication (content) with the smart web elements, sophisticated taste and strategy to get you there. It can feel impossible to consider all of the right apps, tools, media, strategies, current best practices, features and functionality to polish your look, improve conversions, showcase your brand, modernize, etc., etc…

That’s Where I Shine!

My experience with the full spectrum – technical, creative, business, and user communication elements – means I’ll understand the entire picture of your objectives and what actions are needed to reach your goals. I deliver an organized process throughout and communicate clearly so you know what to expect. I also provide tools and resources for continued web management. I work independently and with a small team, so you get the resources of a boutique agency with the personalization of a strategic partner.

Maybe you need to:

  • Build a new website, and don’t know where to begin or what features you need.
  • Modernize or migrate your existing site with an impactful fresh look. Check out some of my Before & After pics here for redesign inspiration.
  • Expand your website to sell products.
  • Build custom features and functionality.
  • Improve your web hosting to speed up your site and rank higher in Google.
I specialize in modern, effective websites aimed at converting. That means no clutter, no amateur graphics or bad taste that distract from the message or annoy the user. A polished, modern, sophisticated website that has a clear goal is the best way to communicate to your target audience. Today’s web user is picky with high standards, and my work reflects a higher expectation.

Web Development and Customizations

Tailor your website to speak your unique voice, and showcase your polished features and offers.

  • Web development from scratch (allows maximum flexibility)
  • WordPress and Squarespace website builds.
    • Note: I’m not available for small one-off website fixes or work on existing websites.
  • Custom web features and functionalities: ecommerce, widgets, sliders, forms, popups, etc.
  • Complex business websites to simple landing pages.

Redesign, Reimagine & Improve

Visuals convert but they have to be polished, functional, and have good taste. Your site is a visual, interactive communication of your brand and its message will convey either a professional or amateur tone in a matter of seconds based on how it is presented.

  • Consultation and implementation of elevated imagery, design/creative, effective layouts, aesthetics, user experience, conversion funnels, and overall impact.

Post Launch: Protect your Investment with Managed Web Hosting and Maintenance

Web health and security requires a website to be regularly maintained, updated and monitored.
I partner with a software team to offer top tier web hosting to my clients. High performing, secure hosting is invaluable. It will improve site ranking, security, SEO, user retention and therefore conversions.

  • Web hosting and maintenance. Learn more.
  • Visual instructions and tutorials.

Whimsical Slime Product Redesign

Non-profit Redesign & Hosting

Squarespace Custom site

Squarespace custom hero, Parenting & Podcast

Squarespace Redesign, Logo, Professional Service

Simple Squarespace, Business Event Registration

Modern Dental in Brooklyn

Professional Service, Redesign

High End Real Estate

Simple, on-brand Squarespace

Vacation Rental, HomeAway integration

Squarespace to WordPress, Custom Layout

Custom Squarespace

Redesign / Ecommerce

Squarespace, Non-profit


I volunteer my web services for Sostegno a Distanza, a non-profit helping children and their communities in Senegal, Gambia, and India, created by Energy for Human Rights. I’m currently building a new website and providing web hosting for sostegnoadistanza.eu.


Before & After

Whether it’s a subtle change or complete overhaul, a before and after juxtoposition highlights the importance and impact of a professional build. From messy to organized; from dated and boring to modern and interesting; from a lack of direction to a clear call to action. See how the before and after images below impact you, which website would you rather visit?

I OWN A SMALL BUSINESS so it is extremely important to get the most bang possible for a buck. I recently chose Deanna Sonni to complete a re-design of our website, and was delighted with the immense amount of value-add she brought to the project. Deanna went far beyond just layout and page functionality. She advised us on usability, wording, flow, made marketing-related suggestions that improved our site tremendously. Clients and colleagues have gone out of their way to comment on how amazing our website is since the update. Deanna was extremely professional in how she organized the project. It was easy to work virtually with her because she utilized web-based tools that allowed us to view everything in real time so we could provide feedback and make adjustments. Her eye for design is spectacular. She is very flexible and happy to make changes even if it means scrapping something we've already sunk time into. We are, and will continue to use her for ongoing projects. It's like having our own marketing / online business specialist on staff, which is extraordinary for a business as small as ours. If you decide to utilize her skills, you will be very pleased with the results.

Sherene K., founder of Evolve180

Deanna is the genius behind all the tech stuff here at the Burd. When I first started the site I just designed the site around my ability – can’t make a sidebar there, no problem, I’ll just move it over here. Now I can email Deanna with stuff like, “Deanna, something is going fucky with the images can you fix that?” or “Deanna, I want to have that little thingy that makes the page jump back to the top. Can you do that?” or “Deanna, Google Ads is going to ban me because they don’t like Porn for Pregnant Ladies. Can you fix that?” She’s a magic web wizard with a keen eye for design and I’d be lost without her.

Amy - pregnantchicken.com

DEANNA IS A THINKING PARTNER as well as executing beautifully on the tasks needing to be completed. She is a creative and business minded professional... I have used elance for over 15 years and have not engaged with someone at this rate that was a business professional and executed on all the tasks at hand. I highly recommend Deanna.

J. Caillet, Corentus.com

DEANNA WAS GREAT TO WORK WITH! I gave her a few examples of what I liked, and she used her own creativity to design the perfect website for me. She completed the work quickly and with frequent feedback. Deanna even sent me screenshots with tutorials so I could manage my SquareSpace. Will definitely use for future projects 🙂

Maria S.

Greetings from California! I’ve been doing web development – both freelancing and agency – for over 6 years. It’s rewarding to help businesses and projects thrive by creating successful online environments that measures up to today’s high standards. I’ve been part of so many business developments, projects, growth, pivots, and strategies and the best part is being able to utilize this eclectic experience and help clients build their roadmap or level up.

I received a BA in Communication from the University of Washington; lived in Berlin and traveled extensively (I still turn into a digital nomad from time to time); was COO at a startup in Seattle; started my own late-night food delivery service (pre Instacart era); and consulted for businesses in Napa and Sonoma Valley. All the while gaining web knowledge in every direction and working with a multitude of web apps, tools, digital media, marketing and design. I apply this diverse experience to holistically help businesses develop a complete, impactful web presence.

I made art before I made websites. This skill is a strong advantage to web development and design since it’s about visual communication and effectiveness. Color theory, composition, what makes our eyes move around and capture our attention, volume, space, balance, etc., all play a crucial role in the holistic web expertise I provide. The fusion of my art and web background provides a unique perspective of seeing the visual and functionality components that make a website fantastic.

A separate area of knowledge stems from my passion in the wellness/eco-conscious lifestyle, and environmental sector. I particularly seek out work in these areas.