Our hosting service uniquely offers optimization, compression, minification, database side features and server structures that improve load time, speed, reliability, security, and
improve Google Page Speed Insight ranking and SEO.

It’s top tier, custom built managed web hosting, coupled with boutique level care and service.

I work with a software team to offer custom managed web hosting to my clients. After years of dealing with the old tech, high price of web hosting, I decided to offer hosting that is significantly faster, more secure, automated, and higher performing than any leading commercial option.

Simply put, the software built for our web hosting is incredible and unmatched. We aren’t sales people, so information and explanation of value is all you’ll see here, no marketing speak. This information is meant to be easily understood so let us know if you’d like expanded technical information on anything mentioned on this page.

Email me if you are interested!


We are offering

  • High performing managed web hosting  as a special offer to my clients. 
  • Optional: Website technical maintenance as part of this package. This is subject to suitability.

This offer is for clients who want superior hosting and to know their website is being taken care of. Managed hosting means this service is high touch and your website is being monitored 24/7 and being hosted with the latest technology. We are passionate about software and technology and look at this service as a creation from that passion to showcase the best of high standards technology.


Web hosting is a commercial big-box system. As such, you get poor service for the price. I also see websites slowly break or be hacked due to lack of proper maintenance, both of which could require you to completely redo your website. A WordPress or custom built website is a long term commitment of regular upkeep. I want to offer my clients an inclusive package of a smart foundation and maintenance for their website so that their investment into their website is long term and in good hands.


Leading commercial web hosting options like WPEngine go for volume over quality. They cannot easily pivot and adapt to new technology like we, as a boutique service, can do. They have many security problems, use slower technology, and don’t offer all the features we do.

What this is NOT

  • This is not a resell or white labeling of another hosting service. This is our own, custom built proprietary web hosting service built by Heuer Labs from the ground up.
  • This is not web development work, nor retainer work for web development. Think of hosting and technical maintenance as more of a silent partner. Separately, as an optional add-on, we do offer web development retainer work agreed by a set amount of hours available each month. More information on this below.


What It Is

Regular technical maintenance on a WordPress or custom built site is required for the health, security and functionality of the site. Programming scripts, programming languages, plugins and apps are always upgrading asynchronously. These need to be monitored, upgraded and worked on to maintain cohesion between all these individual parts. The amount of work required monthly varies based on the needs of these elements.

We monitor the website 24/7 and are alerted via email and text as soon as something needs our attention, and some aspects to maintenance are automated by our system.

What It Is NOT

Technical maintenance does not constitute website content updates / web development work such as adding or updating copy, images, or other ‘web development / web designer’ category work. This is strictly backend maintenance.


These offers are not customary of web hosting services, but we wanted to offer our clients all-inclusive options for efficiency and to maintain a high standard across all their web needs.

Web Development Retainer Work

This is ideal if you need an all-inclusive ‘webmaster’ solution.

We can structure in a set amount of available hours per month for web development work. This would be built into the monthly web hosting fee.

As it is a retainer, there’s no adjustment for time unused.
This would be work applied to your website outside of the scope of hosting or maintenance such as adding/changing/editing content, imagery and other web page work as needed.
There is an hourly rate for the agreed upon set monthly hours, and an hourly rate for any time needed beyond the set amount.

The amount of hours suggested for this depends on the activity needs of your site. If you infrequently need changes to your site, then 1 hour a month can be sufficient. If you frequently make updates to your site and/or often need help with your content updates, you might look at it as 1 hour a week is needed, therefore 4 hours a month.

Advanced Custom Programming

My partnership with Heuer Labs provides access to software engineers whom I can engage for advanced technical work.

Examples: custom software work such as database builds (think: Membership software, customer database, custom e-commerce system), custom apps, widgets, scripts, Slack bots, iOS/Mac app development, micro-services, etc. This would be subject to the availability and suitability of the Heuer Labs team and is quoted on a per project basis.

An example advanced API built by Heuer Labs is Reverse Geocoding API.